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Yes I Know

I have been pathetically slack with my blog for a long time but today is the day I fix that.

The Mentals have had a really busy year as usual. Many many great gigs and our usual stints of sitting in aeroplanes between shows. Highlights? Where do I start! The Day On The Green Tour with the B52’s and The Proclaimers was excellent. All the events were perfectly run. The Mentals and the Proclaimers got on really well even if the Scottish accents were so thick that I had many smiling and nodding moments not having a clue what they were saying. It was also funny watching them come straight from Winter in England to a heat wave in Australia.

Another good one was playing at the V8 supercars thingy in Adelaide with Status Quo. Again, really nice guys. It seems to me that the longest lasting bands have stayed playing because of exactly that. For a while I have been saying when asked “How long have you been in the band?” and I say I’m the new guy who’s been in the band for ten years. I was chatting with Joe (Quo’s bass player) and I asked him how long he’d been with them. His answer was that he was the new guy in the band who’s been with them for twenty-four years. Sure put me in my place.

I solemnly swear that the above was all true and that I will make every effort to keep you updated more often.