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June 2007

Hi folks, it’s been a while since my last report from the front, sorry about that. We’ve just got back from a good week in Queensland with a real variety of gigs ranging from an open air restaurant on Tamborine Mountain with panoramic views and hang-gliders hovering in the background, to the last show at the Coolangatta Hotel which was packed and sweaty. As I’ve told you before that’s just the way I like it.

While we were in Brisbane we also recorded a few things towards finishing our album because in this modern age you can do amazing things with digital recording in a motel room. We’re just about there with the album. It’s been a long process but we wanted to get it absolutely right and I think we might have just done that. It’s a clever bunch of songs and hopefully we’ll have it out some time this century.

Next week we’re off to what is going to be a freezing Melbourne. We’re certainly getting around at the moment. I think in the last six months we’ve played every state and territory in Oz and we’ve got a couple of overseas things in the offing too. You’ve gotta love travel in this job.

That’s all for now