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It’s been a sweaty coupla weeks

We did three gigs in Queensland that ‘went orf” (we sweated) and then a gig in Melbourne. The three Queensland gigs were bloody great and the response was fantastic. Caboolture Sports Club went nuts! We sweated. After that we flew from Brisbane to Melbourne for a gig at the Australian Open Tennis. If anybody ever doubted that we actually work for a living then you should have seen us on stage at the tennis gig. I know the tennis players do up to five sets and we only do one, but I was sweating from places on my body that I hadn’t noticed before. We sweated. The venue was “Spiegelworld”, a place that was fuelled by a certain brand of beer and peopled with young men with tans, pecks, tattoos and girls who seem to be impressed by that sort of thing. Funnily enough the girls didn’t mob me. It was so bloody hot on stage that I drank water. (There’s a photo to prove it!). We sweated.

The Mentals are all excited about the imminent release of our new album coupled with the re-release of the Mentals back catalogue. The new album is called “Tents Up” and we’re as proud as teenagers that we’ve done it. There are some beaut songs which possibly may change your life from the wrong that you’ve been doing to the possible good that you just know is in you somewhere. You may think that we have no more to contribute to Oz pop culture but ‘Tents Up’ lends value to the idea that mirth has its, place in society, if not in the law courts. (As long as there is a decent drink rider).

We have a joke in the Tarago that you can pick a professional musician by asking them where they played last night. If they look confused for a moment. they’re a muso. So by typing that sentence just then I bought myself some time to remember that recently we played at.. Queensland!! The roast of the day at the Greenbank RSL was beef and it was fabulous but I like a little more gravy. I would never be so presumptuous as to ask for more gravy though. Then we flew back to Sydney to play Australia day at Rooty Hill. There were twenty-five thousand very very hot people there. We sweated, but it was pure Aussie sweat!!

Again, I’m as excited as a new car buyer about our new album coming out some time soon. It’s due for release in the year 2525. You musicologists would get that joke. I have been told that my blogs have a very conversational style and taking that to heart, I’ve decided to tell you everything I think .. ,no sorry, drew a blank there.

Western Australia was fabulous last week. The first gig was at a pub called the “Charles”. I was telling the guys in the van that somewhere around 1980 I was in a Perth cover band that had a Sunday arvo residency there for a few weeks. We built that crowd up from ten to at least thirty. Everyone in the band was impressed.


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