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Did I mention that it was cold in Hobart?

Cold enough that one could forget that one has genitals, but the gigs were fantastic. Two nights in Hobart in a packed pub meant that even during that weather we still managed to work up a sweat on both nights. There was snow on Mt Wellington when the rain had cleared enough so that we could see it.

After Hobart we had a nice drive to Launceston, stopping at Ross for lunch on the way. Ross is an old and pretty town. Driving there I was looking up ” did you know? ” trivia about the town. Did you know that in the space of about twenty years some twelve thousand female convicts were processed through the ‘female factory’. Makes you think and it wasn?t that long ago.

Did I mention that Launceston was cold? Launceston (Lonnie) was good too but again, cold. Just south of there is a little town called ” A Little Piece Of Heaven “. It’s a specialist lolly shop and I had a mission to buy some Choo Choo bars for a friend in NZ. The mission was accomplished. I must give a plug for the shop because it had the most amazing range of sweets I?ve ever seen! And I don?t even eat them. By the way the Lonnie gigs were great too.

I’ll be back soon with news from Western Australia.