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John Safran’s Music Jamboree DVD (2002)

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He’s the supercharged funny guy who broke into Disneyland on Race Around the World and was throttled by Ray Martin. And he’s back to share his peculiar passion for the wild, wild world of contemporary music. Blowing apart the music industry in this 10 part cult smash, Safran exposes the dirt, the groupies, the guns, the satanism and the egos. Forever the thinking-person’s prankster, Safran pitches a Jewish boyband to an American Christian record label and convinces a 3AW radio shock-jock that the streets are awash with 3AW ecstasy. He shows you how to scam your way into Australia’s snobbiest nightclubs, how to get revenge on your anti-rock high school and how anyone (including your dog) can get a videoclip on Rage.

Track list

1. The Nips Are Getting Bigger (Martin Plaza)

Andrew Denton’s Musical Challenge 2 (2001)

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1 Powderfinger Sorrow 3:07
2 Killing Heidi I Was Made For Lovin’ You 2:44
3 Alex Lloyd Mysterious Ways 2:52
4 Barenaked Ladies When Doves Cry 2:31
5 Gina Jeffreys Kryptonite 3:34
6 Superjesus, The You Can’t Stop The Music
7 Something For Kate Genie in A Bottle 3:24
8 Paul Kelly (2) Little Red Corvette 3:20

9 David Campbell (3) Weir 3:31
10 Living End, The Baby I’m A Want You 2:19
11 Human Nature T.N.T. 1:23
12 Scandal’us Smells Like Teen Spirit 1:20
13 Spiderbait Jive Talkin’ 2:12
14 Neil Finn Sexual Healing 3:00
15 Adam Brand Teenage Dirtbag 2:54
16 Lash (3) Wouldn’t It Be Nice 1:59
17 Stabbing Westward Top Of The World 3:04
18 Diesel (3) Sometimes When We Touch 2:56
19 Bodyjar I’ll Never Fall In Love Again 1:52
20 Zed (2) Una Paloma Blanca 2:45
21 Cruel Sea, The Loving You 3:53
22 Josh Joplin Eye Of The Tiger 3:01
23 Wiggles, The Walk On The Wild Side 1:45
24 John Paul Young Are You Gonna Go My Way 2:20
25 Mental As Anything Smoke On The Water 2:38
26 Angels, The Morning Train (9 To 5) 2:30
27 Kerri-Anne Kennerly Dirty Deeds 2:35
28 Richard Clapton I’m Like A Bird 2:19
29 Willie Nelson Smells Like Teen Spirit 1:20


Engineer Ryan Van De Meer
Executive Producer Andrew Denton
Mixed By Sideshow Mike Anderson (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 29)
Producer Richard ‘Krusty’ Mortlock


Live studio recordings from Australian radio station Triple M’s Andrew Denton Show

All songs are cover versions; the objective of the “Musical Challenge” to be to “Chuck a song at a band which is opposite to their normal style”

Some tracks have banter from radio hosts over the top of them

Long Way To The Top Series (2001)

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Includes interviews and various footage DVD and Video

Long Way To The Top traces the evolution of Australian rock music from the 1950s to the present. Following the success of the TV series first screened in 2001, came a national concert tour in 2002.

1956 – 1964
1963 – 1968
1968 – 1973
1973 – 1981
1976 – 1988
1984 – 1900



Monumental As Anything (1998)

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1     You’re So Strong
2     Romeo And Juliet
3     If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?
4     Too Many Times
5     The Nips Are Getting Bigger
6     Close Again
7     Live It Up
8     Working For The Man
9     Didn’t Mean To Be Mean
10     Holiday In Auckland
11     Egypt
12     Berserk Warriors
13     Spirit Got Lost
14     Ready For You Now
15     Let’s Cook
16     Got Hit
17     Wouldn’t Try To Explain
18     Brain Brain
19     Apocalypso (Wiping The Smile Off Santa’s Face)


Film Director [Directed By], Film Editor [Edited By] – Tony Stevens (2)
Film Producer [Producer] – Mental As Anything
Liner Notes – Reg Mombassa
Script By, Animation – B#


Video clips are presented in a faux feature documentary style, linked by comedic and other documentary material.


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(P) (C) 1998 Festival Records Pty. Ltd. Australia. Trademark owned by Festival Records Pty. Ltd. Australia and Festival Records (N.Z.) Ltd. under authorisation. Manufactured by Festival Records Pty. Ltd. Australia. Distributed by Festival Video, a division of Festival Records Pty. Ltd. (C) 1998 Festival Records Pty. Ltd. Australia.