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All over the shop

20100807greedy-seafood-towerWe’ve been all over the shop in the last few weeks. From Jindabyne (-4 brrrr) to the Gold Coast (27 in the morning and I need to stand in the shade to appreciate the breeze on my wet hair from my shower). Yes I do shower. Sometimes.

South Australia was good fun. It included two shows at the Stonyfell winery so I should put in a plug for that Stonyfell wine. It’s good. We finished the run with a gig at the Beach House CafĂ© where there is no stage as such but they are such a friendly crowd that you tend to forget that.

Bangalow, Yandina and the Ambiwerra festival followed, playing alongside a reformed Stylus who were terrific although a little frazzled on the first night due to flight delays, they only just made it in time. They even had their suitcases in the dressing room.

I have to go now because I just saw an alarming banner headline on a news network that Russian fire could raise the price of Australian beer and bread prices. I must find out how that could possibly work.