zoltan-budaiMember: 2012 – 2015
Instrument: Bass
Wedged under a bunk on a slow boat from Budapest at age 4, Z was finding it hard to escape a looming career as Hungary’s next accordian sensation. Still, there was something about that left hand bassline stuff that was cool as shit and needed further investigation…..
Years of feigning interest in squeezebox, piano, and guitar lessons and secretly only hearing bass patterns led to the inevitable purchasing of the first 4 stringer at age 14.
Around the same time, he thieved his father’s oldest cassette player and taped himself a bootleg of the Ramones ‘Rock’n’Roll Highschool, ….which conjured up enough guts and rebellion to start his first band within a year, ……appropriately titled, ‘Bad News’,..(before the ‘Comic Strip’ was ever conceived)
From this point on, all other adolescent meanderings took a backseat to the desire to become a teenage ‘Bass-Lord’.
A diet of Aussie Pub Rock, mixed with a glut of sounds from the Kinks, Mingus, Bootsy Collins and Frank Zappa, all add up to Z being a perfect addition to Mental As Anything,… The face and the bass may be familiar already, cavorting around the stage for the last 20 years with the lakes of Brian Cadd, Richard Clapton, Russell Morris, Damien Leith, The Coasters (yes, that’s right, Yakety Yak),
And now finally Z can get to play his “favourite bass line ever”,….”you know the
one”,….. with Mental As Anything.