Mike-Caen-1184x1184Member: 2002 – 2013
Instrument: Guitar

Mike Caen has finally recorded his eponymous solo album. Having spent many years being the consummate sideman/session player/theme composer/vegetarian Mike has come up with an album that surprises with diversity but does not surprise with its level of accomplishment.

When Mike made this a self-titled album he got it right. It is a work that is made up of eleven impeccably crafted songs, songs that reflect his trek through a long and varied career in music and his observations as such. From the opening track we are taken through so many stories which include much of what we encounter in our lives. Style or genre are irrelevant because they are simply good songs played so very well.

The songs are sincere and beautifully put together. He has said that it was assembled in various motel rooms, tour vans and his home studio.I suppose this is a collection of one-offs and there are eleven of them so maybe he should have called the album ELEVEN OFF but they really do reflect the artist himself, encompassing tragedy, irony, the fragility and sturdiness of love , and the inevitable unpredictability of existence.

Every artist strives for perfection. None have ever achieved it or if they have it’s probably boring. Mike’s album perfectly reflects him and his work and is a part of that struggle but perfection eludes him. He still doesn’t like watching sport.

Buy the album: http://mikecaen.com.au