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Essential As Anything – 30th Anniversary Edition (2009)

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MAA EssentialTracklist

CD-1 The Nips Are Getting Bigger
CD-2 Egypt
CD-3 Come Around
CD-4 (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
Written-By – Hamilton*, Gorman*
CD-5 If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?
CD-6 Too Many Times
CD-7 Berserk Warriors
CD-8 Let’s Cook
CD-9 I Didn’t Mean To Be Mean
CD-10 Close Again
CD-11 Spirit Got Lost
CD-12 Brain Brain
CD-13 Working For The Man
Written-By – Roy Orbison
CD-14 Apocalypso
CD-15 You’re So Strong
CD-16 Live It Up
CD-17 Date With Destiny
CD-18 –Martin Plaza Concrete And Clay
Written-By – Parker*, Moeller*
CD-19 Let’s Go To Paradise
CD-20 He’s Just No Good For You
CD-21 Rock ‘N’ Roll Music
Written-By – Chuck Berry
CD-22 The World Seems Difficult
CD-23 Mr Natural
CD-24 Nigel

The Videos

DVD-1 You’re So Strong
DVD-2 Romeo And Juliet
Written-By – Hamilton*, Gorman*
DVD-3 If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?
DVD-4 Too Many Times
DVD-5 The Nips Are Getting Bigger
DVD-6 Close Again
DVD-7 Live It Up
DVD-8 Working For The Man
Written-By – Roy Orbison
DVD-9 I Didn’t Mean To Be Mean
DVD-10 Holiday In Auckland
DVD-11 Egypt
DVD-12 Berserk Warriors
DVD-13 Spirit Got Lost
DVD-14 Ready For You Now
DVD-15 Let’s Cook
DVD-16 Got Hit
DVD-17 Wouldn’t Try To Explain
DVD-18 Brain Brain
DVD-19 Apocalypso
DVD-20 Come Around
DVD-21 Date With Destiny
DVD-22 Big Wheel
DVD-23 Hold On
DVD-24 Let’s Go To Paradise
DVD-25 He’s Just No Good For You
DVD-26 Don’t Tell Me Now
DVD-27 Love Me Tender
Written-By – Elvis Presley, Matson*
DVD-28 Rock’n’Roll Music
Written-By – Chuck Berry
DVD-29 The World Seems Difficult
DVD-30 Baby You’re Wild
DVD-31 Overwhelmed
DVD-32 Mr Natural
DVD-33 Nigel
DVD-34 Whole Wide World
Written-By – Eric Goulden
DVD-35 Calling Colin
DVD-36 Just My Luck
DVD-37 The Nips Are Getting Bigger (Live)
DVD-38 Monumental
DVD-39 Monumental II


Design – Dan O’Brien (2)
Liner Notes – Glenn A. Baker
Photography By [Front Cover Photograph By] – Jeremy Fabinyi
Written-By – Greedy Smith (tracks: CD-6, CD-11, CD-15 to CD-17, CD-19, CD-20, CD-22, DVD-1, DVD-4, DVD-7, DVD-13, DVD-21, DVD-24, DVD-25, DVD-29, DVD-31, DVD-), Martin Plaza (tracks: CD-1, CD-3, CD-5, CD-8, CD-9, CD-14, CD-23, DVD-3, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-14, DVD-15, DVD-17, DVD-19, DVD-20, DVD-22, DVD-26, DVD-32, DVD-36, DVD-37), Peter O’Doherty (tracks: CD-7, CD-10, CD-12, DVD-6, DVD-12, DVD-16, DVD-18, DVD-23, DVD-30, DVD-35), Reg Mombassa (tracks: CD-2, CD-11, CD-14, CD-24, DVD-10, DVD-11, DVD-13, DVD-19, DVD-33)


DVD is divided into three sections:
– Song Select – 37 Video Clips
– Monumental – Key Singles and Documentary Footage
– Monumental II – The Follow Up Hits
Both Monumental sections present video clips in a faux feature documentary style, linked by comedic and other documentary material. Though titled “Monumental” on the DVD menu, within the feature itself it is titled “Monumental As Anything”. The video clips from the two Monumental sections are able to be individually selected in the Song Select section.

Sticker on jewel case

Including The Nips Are Getting Bigger,
Too Many Times & Live It Up!
Featuring 37 Iconic Video Clips 5186539165


Tracks CD-1 to CD-9, CD-11 to CD-17, CD-19 to CD-24 ? 1999 Festival Records Pty Limited
Tracks CD-10, CD-18 ? 2009 Warner Music Australia
Tracks DVD-1 to DVD-19 ? 1985 Syray Pty Ltd.
Tracks DVD-20 to DVD-37 ? 1999 Festival Records
Artwork © 2009 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited.

Tray insert

Bonus DVD features iconic videos Monumental and Monumental 2, never previously released on DVD. This includes more than 2 hours of their greatest music videos, snippets of interviews and documentary footage!

All Recordings ? 2009 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited. Artwork © 2009 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited. Marketed in Australia by Warner Music Australia Pty Limited under exclusive licence. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australia [Warner logo] A Warner Music Group Company.


All Recordings ? 2009 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited. Artwork © 2008 2009 Warner Music Australia Pty Limited. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Music Australia [Warner logo] A Warner Music Group Company.

The new Mentals.com.au

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This is the official site for Mental As Anything redesigned to suit smart phones and tablets and the traditional steam driven computers. Here you will find up to date touring info designed to put you at a Mentals show near you.

You will soon be able to link through to film clips, new songs and merchandise. Register here for the newsletter. The new site has been constructed by Mandy Hall Media.

Basemental DVD (2003)

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Recorded live at The Basement, Sydney in 2003, this electric show sees The Mentals at their rocking best and features all their classic hits including :Live It Up, Too Many Times, If You Leave Me Can I Come Too, The Nips Are Getting Bigger, Come Around, plus a couple of surprises.

Release Date: 30/6/2008
Production Year: 2003
Genre: Music / Pop/Rock- General
Rating: M15+ – Mature
Low level coarse language
System: PAL
Colour/B&W: Colour
Distributor: Shock Records
Number of Discs: 1
Running Time: 103 minutes
Barcode/EAN: 3000000068588

Alternative covers:

basemental  basemental02


Women (1994)

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1 Women
2 Hold On
3 Wheels Of Love


Co-producer – Adam Warnock (tracks: 2), Andy Sidari (tracks: 1), Tony Hunt (2) (tracks: 2)
Edited By [Single Edit] – Russell McKean (tracks: 1)
Engineer – James Freud (tracks: 3)
Mixed By – David Hemmings (2) (tracks: 1), Martin Plaza (tracks: 1)
Piano – Scott Saunders (3) (tracks: 2)
Producer – Martin Plaza (tracks: 1, 2)
Written-By – James Freud (tracks: 3), Lou Reed (tracks: 1), Martin Plaza (tracks: 2, 3)

Use Me All Over single (1986)

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A Use Me All Over
B Ruby Baby

Vinyl, 7″, Picture Sleeve


Artist Martin Plaza
Release Title Use Me All Over
Date 1986
Recording Engineer John Bee
Producer Charles Fischer
Album Type Single
Label CBS
Genre Pop
Project Type Mastering, Mixing
Studio Castlereagh St

Andy’s Chest (1994)

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1 Waiting
2 Caroline Says II
3 Satellite Of Love
4 Love U Susanne (Slow)
5 The Style It Takes
6 Women
7 Perfect Day
8 Love U Susanne (Fast)
9 Andy’s Chest
10 My Salvation


Backing Vocals – Greedy Smith (tracks: 3), Natalie Gillespie (tracks: 9)
Co-producer – Andy Sidari
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion – Andy Sidari
Mixed By – Andy Sidari (tracks: 2, 8, 10), David Hemmings (tracks: 1, 3-4-5-6-7), Martin Plaza (tracks: 1-2-3, 6, 8-9-10)
Producer – Martin Plaza
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion – Martin Plaza
Written-By – John Cale (tracks: 5), Lou Reed (tracks: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9), Martin Plaza (tracks: 10)

Love Harmonica (1996)

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love-harmonicaGreedy recorded the solo album, Love Harmonica, his first with TWA Records in 1996. He says, “I found I had written quite a few songs that were too gentle and romantic for Mentals and I wanted to record them in a different way, using just a simple backing of piano, double bass and strings, featuring harmonica as the lead instrument.” The result is a collection of love songs featuring latin, pop and jazz rhythms, lush harmonica and lyrics that explore the insecurity, jealousy, sex, guilt and humour which make up the smorgasbord of modern love.


1 Did I Make You Happy?
2 Time Heals All Wounds
3 You Look Charming In My Pyjamas
4 How Come?
5 Always Thinking Of You
6 No Break In The Chain
7 You Never Know
8 Playtime
9 Your Memory Of Me
10 Kaleidoscope
11 Gone Too Far
12 Bully Me

Greedy’s thoughts about the songs

Did I Make You Happy? Isn’t it amazing how something as physically intimate as making love can leave you wondering ‘was it good enough for you?’

Time Heals All Wounds. Too many long train journeys on my own spent fantasising about the woman sitting opposite.

Charming In My Pyjamas. In old movies when the woman stayed overnight at the man’s place and she is seen the next morning wearing his pyjamas, it was Hollywood code for them having made love. How racy!

How Come? When it comes to romance, sometimes it’s hard to know when you’ve been given your marching orders.

Always Thinking Of You. Playing in a touring band means you’re away from your loved one for long periods, so writing a song about it is cheaper than whiskey.

No Break In The Chain. The whole song appeared in my mind’s eye as a sad French movie about two ex-lovers who can’t get beyond their pain and get back together.

You Never Know. The pain of separation is lessened by the delicious anticipation of her return.”

Playtime Is Over. Jealousywhat a stew of conflicting emotions! Great inspiration for a songwriter. It’s never far away.

Your Memory Of Me. You watch as your lover is lured into the clutches of a smooth-dancing sadist.”

Kaleidoscope. Old style swing jazz with a psychedelic lyric.

Gone Too Far. I saw the great Flacco Jimenez play his Tex-Mex accordion in a London pub, and was impressed by his virtuosity and his sense of humour. This ain’t Tex-Mex – it’s more of a slow cha-cha, but I was going for the humour.

Bully Me. I’m talking about violence on the personal level and how it all adds up to affect nearly everybody. Musically it’s about as experimental as I could get.


Backing Vocals – Linda Nagle (tracks: 3, 4, 8, 10)
Engineer – Jim Blackfoot
Mastered By – Keith Walker
Producer – Greedy Smith, Jim Blackfoot
Programmed By – Alistair Stephenson (tracks: 1, 6)
Saxophone – Andrew Oh (tracks: 4)
Written-By – Greedy Smith

Greedy’s People (1997)

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1 Everybody’s Talking 3:22
2 Always Thinking Of You 4:06
3 You Never Know 4:36
4 Charming In My Pyjamas 2:55
5 Time Heals All Wounds 3:50
6 No Break In The Chain 4:39
7 How Come? 4:25
8 Did I Make You Happy? 4:21
9 Gone Too Far 2:01
10 Your Memory Of Me 2:58
11 Kaleidoscope 4:19
12 Playtime 3:29
13 Bully Me 4:59
14 Close To You 3:47


Bass, Backing Vocals – Paul Robert Burton
Drums, Percussion – Antero Ceschin
Engineer, Mixed By – Mark Thomas
Flute, Saxophone – Michael Hawke (tracks: 7, 9)
Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals – Tim Wedde
Mastered By – Ric O’Neill
Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Charlie Cole
Producer – Greedy Smith, Jim Blackfoot
Vocals, Harmonica – Greedy Smith
Written-By – Burt Bacharach (tracks: 14), Fred Neil (tracks: 1), Greedy Smith (tracks: 2-13)

Gimme Ted – The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts (2003)

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In February 2001, Aussie rock legend Ted Mulry revealed he was suffering brain cancer. He passed away on September 1 2001, just one day short of his 50th birthday. This two disc set features the concerts held in commemoration of his career in March 2001 at Fox studios in Sydney. Showcased are lived performances from Billy Thorpe, The Angels, Rose Tatoo, INXS and many others.

DVD Boxset Status: Unavailable
Run time: 408mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Formats: English Dolby Digital 2.0

Track list

1. Fine Line (Martin Plaza/David Barraclough)
2. Live It Up (Greedy Smith)
3. The Nips Are Getting Bigger (Martin Plaza)

John Safran’s Music Jamboree DVD (2002)

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He’s the supercharged funny guy who broke into Disneyland on Race Around the World and was throttled by Ray Martin. And he’s back to share his peculiar passion for the wild, wild world of contemporary music. Blowing apart the music industry in this 10 part cult smash, Safran exposes the dirt, the groupies, the guns, the satanism and the egos. Forever the thinking-person’s prankster, Safran pitches a Jewish boyband to an American Christian record label and convinces a 3AW radio shock-jock that the streets are awash with 3AW ecstasy. He shows you how to scam your way into Australia’s snobbiest nightclubs, how to get revenge on your anti-rock high school and how anyone (including your dog) can get a videoclip on Rage.

Track list

1. The Nips Are Getting Bigger (Martin Plaza)