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August 2010

Hello all

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Hello all.  It’s high time I committed myself to ink. It’s been brought to my attention the Mentals site has been stationary for a few years. We are addressing this presently. After a futile attempt by the record company to run our merchandise we have decided to return to our old method of doing it ourselves. This will crank up with CDs and a new tee shirt becoming available over coming months. We are also looking at a downloading facility for newly recorded tracks. This may take a bit longer. After 35 years we still don’t do things in a hurry.

A big cheerio to those who come to shows and clap and dance and sing along. Your blood’s worth bottling.  I’m enjoying live performance more than ever. I think we are playing our tunes fairly faithfully to the originals and this is most satisfying .our new bassman Zoltan Budai and drummer Jacob Cook have brought a lot to the lineup considering they are filling the capable shoes of old drummer Robbie and bassist Duck. Robbie is recovering from a major health scare and is now playing with The Pinks ( old Mentals Reg and Peter ,Rob Suesz from Dynamic Hepnotics and Karma County’s Brendan Gallagher). Duck is getting a new hip and has recently set an epic poem to music.

Over coming months we will be on Norfolk Island , revisiting Brisbane Expo 88, on a South Pacific  Ozrock cruise, touring Australia with Boomtown Rats as well as our own dates in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney etc. I love playing in etc, they really know how to party. If we haven’t played your town recently we are bound to play there soon.

I will blog any Mental news as it comes to hand.

Bye for now

All over the shop

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20100807greedy-seafood-towerWe’ve been all over the shop in the last few weeks. From Jindabyne (-4 brrrr) to the Gold Coast (27 in the morning and I need to stand in the shade to appreciate the breeze on my wet hair from my shower). Yes I do shower. Sometimes.

South Australia was good fun. It included two shows at the Stonyfell winery so I should put in a plug for that Stonyfell wine. It’s good. We finished the run with a gig at the Beach House Café where there is no stage as such but they are such a friendly crowd that you tend to forget that.

Bangalow, Yandina and the Ambiwerra festival followed, playing alongside a reformed Stylus who were terrific although a little frazzled on the first night due to flight delays, they only just made it in time. They even had their suitcases in the dressing room.

I have to go now because I just saw an alarming banner headline on a news network that Russian fire could raise the price of Australian beer and bread prices. I must find out how that could possibly work.