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May 2010

Second Time in a Fortnight, Don’t Faint

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Last week we did our third weekend in a row in Qld. Friday afternoon, I got to see my folks at Noosa and the gig at the Villanoosa was excellent. I’ll stick to this theme because I like dropping the name Noosa like somebody who’s just come from a Southern state who also drops the name Noosa by saying the word Noosa when they say they’ve been to Noosa. OK, enough of that now.

On Sunday we played the Caxton St food festival in Brisbane. I’d like to say hello to the people who live in the house just outside the perimeter fence of the event. They put up a ladder and proceeded to drink on the roof of their house while they watched us play. To them I say this. Guys come down now. The gig finished last week and a roof is dangerous if you’re drinking!

After a quick visit to The Entrance on Friday (no that’s not a sexual innuendo but a place on the central coast North of Sydney), last night we ROCKED THE GONG!!! in Wollongong. Goood show, lovely people and a hasty exit afterward because Mike had a party to go to in Sydney. He’s the consumate party animal that Mike.

I know you are probably flabbergasted that I’ve done two blogs in a fortnight but get used to it. I might even start on that twitter thing and let you know when I go to the toilet.